Current Speed

The girls speed up with new Patreon Goals reached!

Project Roadmap

What's this map?
The Project Roadmap is meant to be a fun visual to help you keep track of what's being worked on and what will be worked on next. Imagine that you and the girls (Rebecca, Isabel, Sarah and Ruby) are all snuggled up in a car together, travelling from Home Island, all the way to Pheonix's Volcano! It sure is a long journey, but with the help of Patrons (like you?), we'll unlock Patreon Goals to help us travel faster - in otherwords, help Hot Dating get closer to becoming a complete game!

The Gameplay
The actual Hot Dating game revolves around using your virtual mobile phone to chat and seduce these sexy women over Messages, and then meet up with them to interact further through Stories. There's a variety of apps on your virtual mobile phone, but these are the focus of the main gameplay that will be worked on throughout our journey, which looks something like this:

Messages (initial) > Stories (initial) > Messages (final) > Stories (final) > Extras

In otherwords, you'll start by messaging the girls, then unlock stories (to meet up and interact with them further). The final messages then continue after the events of the "True Ending" of each initial story. During these final messages, you'll unlock the final stories where you can aim to reach every possible ending!

Feeling confused? Don't worry, just play the game and it should start to make sense!

Now... onto the fictional (non-gameplay related) map locations:

Home Island
Where our story began and the girls of Hot Dating (Rebecca, Isabel, Sarah and Ruby) first embarked on their adventure (with you) through Hot Dating! We've since left Home Island, but while we were there, everything "initial" about the game was worked on - including the prototype, Messages (initial), design, 3d renders, testing and more!

Tale Bay
Our current location. The beautiful, sunny Tale Bay tempts the girls to stay, but there is so much more to see beyond here. Approximately 25 interactive Stories (initial) across Rebecca, Isabel, Sarah and Ruby are being worked on while we're here!

Chatside Coast
Upon arrival, the girls will enjoy more ocean views as I write the Messages (final) which come after the "True Ending" of each initial story that was written while at Tale Bay previously.

Racy Plains
The long drive ahead through the Racy Plains will see the Stories (final) being worked on next, which will include the many multiple "Final Endings" as well as the "True Ending" for each final story! If we're lucky, the girls might even discover some "Special Content" while gazing through the car windows, which would include multiple characters (e.g. Rebecca and Isabel) in the same story! There's enough room in a car for a threesome, right?

As if things weren't real enough already! The girls will stay in Realville while I work on enhancing the game's user interface and overall graphics. Then, I'll add as many "fine details" as I can to make your virtual mobile phone feel even more "Real" - such as dummy options to make phone calls, organize conversations, and so on.

Kink Town
The place we've all been waiting for. The girls are ready to get naughty in Kink Town; they'll pose and allow me to create 3D renders of them to be added throughout the game - the goal being to create 3D renders for EVERY story and conversation in the game so far!

Discovery Valley
Ready to hit the road again, the girls will travel through Discovery Valley for some amazing sightseeing opportunities. They'll discover new friends along the way, adding new characters to the game! I'll repeat the work from each previous location, one character at a time, starting with Judy and then Katy! Patrons will also have the opportunity to vote on new characters! Who will we meet next?

Otherworldly Spire
Moving through the Mountains, the girls uncover a miraculous structure - the Otherworldly Spire! The girls will attempt to make contact with other worlds! This means Character Cameos; I'll make efforts to contact other game creators to ask for their permission (and maybe assistance) to add characters from their games, into Hot Dating! Debbie from Summertime Saga, anyone?

The Great Range
The girls make their way through The Great Range, where Extra, special and unique content will reveal itself - most of which, voted on by Patrons!

Pheonix's Volcano
Our final destination - or is it? Upon arrival, we'll face one of two destinies - either the Volcano will lay dormant and the girls will continue their travels to old and new locations, or the Volcano will erupt (due to us hitting our final Patreon Goal) unearthing a whole new game, bringing your favorite Hot Dating characters to life in an exciting new way!